Temple Run (Latest Version 2) -Play online

Temple Run is an endless runner game where you need to cross hurdles and save yourself from enemies off the path. A monster monkey is behind you all along the way, so do not stop and slow down your pace. You need to cross forests, mountains, fire, and cliffs to get gold coins.

Controller for Temple Run

Playing on computer

Move Left Arrow – Left or A

Move Right – Right Arrow or D

Jump – Up Arrow Key or W

Duck/slide down – Down Arrow or S

Playing on Mobile

Move Left Arrow – Left swipe

Move Right – Right swipe

Jump – Swipe up

Duck/Slide down – Swipe down

Latest Version

Temple Run 2

Game Type



Imangi Studio

Platform Required

Can be played on desktop or mobile

Update Date

1st Sep 2023

Alternative Runner game

Subway surfers